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How to Regain Your Health and Thrive with Eva Vennari

Eva Vennari is the rare person blessed to escape her abuser earlier in life and then determined to make a go of it. If you’re searching for inspiration related to breaking free of a toxic or abusive relationship or you’re struggling with chronic undiagnosable illness, stay tuned! (more…)

Reconstruct A Better You

Byron Morrison is a compassionate author and lifestyle coach with a mission to give women who’ve put themselves last encouragement and a path to shift their habits as well as their self-perceptions.

He was a guest on my other Podcast for Mompreneurs, The Audacious Mamas Show. When I interviewed Byron then, he had recently opened an online group for women looking to ‘Build a Better You’ read more…

Welcome to Season 2 of the Audacious Life

Welcome Back! I still can’t believe the podcast has been on hiatus for nearly a year. In this episode, I explain why I took a break, how things are going for me on my healing journey — there are a few things that may surprise you! read more…

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Darkness to Light: One Woman’s Story of Defeating Abuse and Living Life with Zest Again

Jane Fredrickson, single mom looking for a new relationship, thought she found her prince charming on an online dating site. In time he turned into Prince Harming and it took friends and family and a final wake up call for Jane to see things for what they were and remove herself from a potentially deadly situation. In this interview, Jane shares how she met her prince, what drew her to him, and how their relationship transitioned from romance to control, disrespect, threats and more. read more…

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen on Identifying and Finding What You Need in a Healthy Relationship

Becca is devoted to strengthening families through helping couples develop safe and secure marital bonds and helping other therapists learn more effective couple’s therapy.

In this interview Becca discusses finding what you need in a healthy relationship and how to move beyond abusive relationships. She touches on abuse and how it can impact therapy as well as decision making moving beyond a relationship left behind. read more…


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